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An Oddball Creates Oddball Studio

Updated: Aug 9

in The ODD Room this week... Origin Story

So, we'll start with an origin story. We all love one of those don't we?

My name is Molly, the maker and founder of Oddball Studio. I was born a weirdo, raised by a pair of goofballs and creatively established by my first boss turned best friend and complete weirdo herself. Lets just say Oddball status was 100% destined to be my future.

I have, and always will, love things that are just a bit different. I have, and always will, be just a bit different myself. So, why not create things that are just a bit different too?

Like, Oddball stuff one might say.

Not to throw a sob story in to the mix, but, being bullied in my younger days and never quite fitting in in the fashion world where I started my career really rained on my parade. Can you imagine?

Now I know the words weird or odd are vague and can mean a million things to any one person BUT to me they once had a negative connotation. I hated that I was weird or different which made those words hurt. But, as I grew and "self loved" my way into a happier higher functioning adult I decided those words should NEVER be taken negatively so I spun them around and embraced it! I simply started adapting the meaning of the words weird and odd and different into something more beautiful and inclusive. And, voila I was a brand-spanken new woman!

Now, I happily shout from the rooftops I'm Weird, I'm Odd, and look at this cool shit I made.

See, now doesn't that just feel soooo much better!?

So, an Oddball (that's me) created Oddball Studio.

Obviously that's where this story was going.

I kissed the fashion world goodbye and tucked my styling kit and model bag deep in the cupboard where you keep the Christmas platters and that random gravy boat you never use. In the midst of creating a new chapter in the life of Molly, "Oddball" rolled through my head. Was that it? Was it that simple? When a name fits it just fits. Oddball Studio would become the new message of weirdness and playfulness and boldness, all the things I wished I could have been back then. And it would always be a reminder that your oddness and your weirdness and your differences are a happy thing. And in turn...

Oddball Studio is a happy place to thrive and share and create. <3

Oddball in Wood

Now you see right? Oddball Studio is a place of beautiful oddness and perfect weirdness. I make things out of wood and I think its all super special.

I invite color and shapes to play in every design. I respect the wood and let it shine when it needs to shine. But, in true Oddball fashion I don't play by the rules. I adapt traditional techniques to heighten the overall visual experience of each design, I leave room in the design for growth and organic development, and I strive to initiate storytelling within.

Come on this magical ever growing journey with Oddball Studio! I am so excited to have you join this not so exclusive club and I welcome you to fall in love with your own ODDNESS along the way...and maybe some Oddball designs too. (Your home is craving some weirdo furniture, it told me) ;)

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