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Welcome to the club.

We are here to let you in on just who we are. 

Are you ready?

Oddball Studio is a hub for artistic expression and kitschy characteristics through woodcraft and visual design. We are the forever youthful generation, free in the soul and colorful in spirit. Oddball seeks to fill the world with color, art and a childlike playfulness in order to reconnect each of us back to a brighter and joyous time. 

We encourage dancing on tabletops, wearing whatever the hell you want, skinny dipping in the ocean, ordering that extra slice of cake....indulging in all the spontaneity. 

Your home should spark that very feeling of spontaneity and playfulness to your day; every piece within should create comfort, peace and welcome a smile to your face. We want you to touch and feel and activate all your senses. Our aim is to excite a form of spontaneous communication between the object and its user....

Hey Oddball, thats you!

Oddball defines this relationship by melding textures, colors and sculptural detail into every design.

Our hope is to invigorate your home, your inner child and your connection to design.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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We'll get back to you in a jiff!

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