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I am the maker and creator here at Oddball Studio.

I rolled my way in to the world of woodcraft after years of working in fashion styling and visual design. I think my love for woodworking was always there in some form or fashion but it just took me a while to dive on in. It was actually through my work in visual design that I became completely infatuated with furniture. I was spending my time selecting beautiful furniture pieces to create the perfect display and then, like a slow burn, I was boiling over with excitement and inspiration. I knew I needed to be the maker and not just the selector. So, without a second thought, I enrolled in an intensive program at the best school on the planet (...shhh, I may be a little biased) and began my woodworking journey in Scotland at The Chippendale School of Furniture. Do you ever feel like you are in the exact right place at the exact right time? Well, thats how I everything was literally glowing for a whole year! I was living my best life in Scotland and learning anything and everything about the best craft in the world. Through superb guidance from my tutor and the school as a whole I truly developed my niche. Oddball was born through the dedication of hours spent in the workshop and the understanding that a woodworker can take on any personality they want. With that backing I have committed to making things that are just a bit Odd, but 100% full of life and character. It is the most exciting thing to take a plank of wood and turn it into something with texture and movement and a personality to boot. 

At the end of the day, all I want to do is work with my hands and create something that makes me (and you) smile. 

I love the layered perspective my past career allows me to take in woodworking. Even in wood you can tell a story, or evoke a can take it to unimaginable places. You just have to aim for the ODD!

I am a color enthusiast, thoroughly obsessed with patterns, a daydreamer of feel good textures and unabashedly in love with the most perfect 80's aesthetic. I smile really big, I'm kind of an awkward weirdo, & I love really really hard. So, that means every piece that leaves Oddball Studio is full of life and lots of love and a sprinkle of weird. 

I absolutely cannot wait to make something ODD just for you!

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